Five reasons why you should buy one-color socks

2020-01-31 09:11 #0 by: Niklas

Many buy socks because they found a cute pattern, or saw a bargain price. Give a little more thought when choosing socks, and you will save both time and money. Buy all your socks in one color because:

  • Pairing them is easy... You actually don't have to pair them at all. Just toss them in a drawer. Even if it's dark, you will find a matching pair. 🙂

  • Washing them is easy. They all go in the same color wash.

  • If you get a hole in one, or it's lost, you can pair the remaining one with any of your other socks.

  • If you buy many at once, you can often get a reduced price.

  • If the brand you usually buy isn't available, you can find the same color of another brand. That is much harder with your usual flowery sock patterns. 😀

Here's a piece of bonus advice: Go with black or grey socks. They match with anything. You save time not having to choose a color that goes with your clothes.

Bonus advice 2: Wool socks all year round. In winter they are warm. In summer, they transport moisture away from your feet, so you don't feel sweaty.

(Photo by billow 926 at Unsplash)

2020-01-31 14:39 #1 by: Evelina

I normally only buy white or black socks, but I had to start getting ones that have a specific label on it like adidas because my boyfriend kept stealing my socks lol Laughing out loud


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