How to find a decent mind mapping tool

2019-10-15 11:47 #0 by: Joab

Mind mapping is a very powerful tool for taking notes or capture, develop and share ideas visually. I want to share this link "17+ of The Best Mind Mapping Tools (Online, MacOS and Windows)":

2019-10-15 12:28 #1 by: Niklas

Here’s a review of mind mapping apps for iOS (and MacOS) as well. I like mind mapping better on iPad. Using my fingers instead of a mouse feels better. If I used it a lot, using keyboard shortcuts would probably be even better.

» Mind Map: The best apps for mind mapping — The Sweet Setup

I use mind mapping occasionally, but more often outlines.

2019-10-15 12:33 #2 by: Niklas

In this article, there are some that I hadn’t heard of before.

» Best Mind Mapping Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2019


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