How to make your own Kombucha Scoby

2018-07-19 20:04 #0 by: jadekintz

I recently have cut out alcohol from my life for health purposes and have oddly been drawn to purchasing Kombucha when I'm at the grocery store to fight the urge of grabbing the latter.  I love it so much that I am constantly buying bottles and decided that I would try to make my own.

I read a few articles online and have figured its pretty easy to do and all you need is:

  • 7 c. Filtered water
  • 4 black tea bags
  • 1/2 c of white sugar
  • raw and unfiltered bottle of kombucha
  • 1 1/2 liter glass or ceramic jar
  • rubberbands
  • cheesecloth

All you do is boil the 7 cups of water and remove from heat, add the sugar and stir until dissolved. Next add the 4 black tea bags and steep until the tea comes to room temperature (this will take a few hours you don't want to use warm tea ) . Next add half of the tea mixture to the jar and the the raw, unfiltered bottle of Kombucha, cover with cheesecloth and secure with a rubber band to prevent dusk and bugs from entering. 

Leave in a dark room temperature place (like a cabinet) for 1-4 weeks and your scoby will be formed. If you see any type of mold in the jar throw it out and start over. There shouldn't be any mold whatsoever. 

I just tried this recipe today and will check in on the comments whether it works well or not, or what I would do different.

Have you ever made a scoby? If so what are some tips and tricks that made your kombucha successful?

2018-07-20 08:41 #1 by: Evelina

I haven’t tried homemade kombucha but I like to have de-caf ice tea or infused water as a substitute for alcohol! Especially on hot days 😊

2018-07-20 15:29 #2 by: Tammie

Kumbucha is a great source of probiotic's. When you eat yoghurt or greek yoghurt you get a few strains of good bacteria but when you include Kumbucha and other fermented foods you then have multiple strains of good bacteria and it is VERY beneficial to your health and digestion to have multiple strains of good bacteria!

Happy creating!


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2018-07-25 15:26 #3 by: jadekintz

#1 That is a very good idea, I need to make some tea! It has been 105 degrees here.

#2 I was actually watching a documentary on that, its called cooking and its on Netflix if you are interested. I learned a lot of information. My scoby is doing good so far, its starting to form on top of the tea!

2018-07-30 22:34 #4 by: jadekintz

Scoby update: It seems to be doing well, I found a website online that shows many healthy variations of scoby and this one resembles the photos I found. The website also shows what unhealthy scoby looks like and I don't have any signs of mold.


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