How to make homemade baby food

2018-06-22 20:00 #0 by: jadekintz

As a nanny, I go through baby food rather quickly and don't like all of the waste that is made from buying glass jarred food every week so I decided to make the baby food at home. 

How to:

Take vegetables, or fruit of your choice and cook through.

Add produce to a food processor and blend on high for 6 mins.

Fill sterilized mason jars (they have small sizes) and seal properly.

Write the dates and whatever is in the jar on removable stickers on the mason jars and you're all set!

Very simple and you know exactly where your babies food came from and how it was prepared.

2018-06-22 23:01 #1 by: Tammie

Such a good idea!

Happy creating!


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2018-06-23 05:37 #2 by: Niklas

Very good!

2018-06-23 11:36 #3 by: Leia

Very efficient! Do you find the children prefer it?

All the best, Leia

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2018-06-25 22:26 #4 by: jadekintz

#1 It also helps with having leftover veggies you don't want to go to waste I love it. #3 I'm not certain if he prefers it but he doesn't ever notice a difference between the two :)


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