How to write successful copy

2018-06-11 08:35 #0 by: Niklas

A colleague at the office, Nicole Michaelis, shares her knowledge as a copywriter in a free mini ebook. One of the tips she shares is to have a swipe folder:

Do this right now. Create a folder on your computer and on your phone. From now on, start saving or screenshotting everything that catches your attention: an ad, a headline, an article, a graphic, a website. If you’re very dedicated, add a note on why you thought that particular thing was awesome. You can also create a reverse swipe file with things you think are especially unappealing.

Browse through your swipe file every time you need inspiration. Trust me, it works.

I recommend anyone interested in writing convincingly to read the rest of the book. It is a quick read.

ebook: Never write boring copy ever again (unless your client wants you to)

(Photo by Jan Kahánek at Unsplash)

2018-06-11 14:16 #1 by: Tammie

Thank you. That was a lot of really good information!Smile

Happy creating!


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