How do I keep my skin from being dry?

2018-03-13 21:41 #0 by: jordan

So I have recently had a cold, and because of rubbing my nose a lot the skin around that area has become really dry. What methods do you guys use to keep your face fresh?

2018-03-14 09:27 #1 by: Maddie

I usually start by peeling the area with olive oil and sugar (sometimes salt but it stings like hell if you have any small cracks in the skin) to get all flakes of dry skin off. Then i use some kind of cream with lots of fat. Just smear on a thick layer and let the skin soak in as much as it wants. then ofcourse moistureize every day as usuall. Glad

2018-03-14 09:40 #2 by: Niklas

I use sun lotion, the type you use when you have had to much sun. It helps with the burn and makes the skin soft. It also makes the skin less prone to peeling.

2018-03-15 21:47 #3 by: jordan

#2 I would not have thought to use sun lotion! 

#1 Do you just mix the olive oil and sugar together than apply? 

2018-03-16 09:06 #4 by: Maddie

#3 Yes i just stir it together in a mug. Maybe 50/50?

2018-03-16 21:58 #5 by: jordan

I will have to give it a go! Thank you!

2018-04-12 15:59 #6 by: Emmy

#1 Can you recommend any moisturizing products for everyday application?

- Emmy

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