How do I get rid of dandruff?

2018-02-23 21:59 #0 by: Evelina

Every year around winter time here in Sweden I get  dandruff. I can't seem to fix it unless I use Head & Shoulders, but I don't want to use it as it is not good for hair. Do you know of any natural alternatives?

Currently, I wash my hair every day using organic coconut shampoo and conditioner. I take Vitamin D supplements every morning too. I never had the problem while I lived in the states. Don't know if its an age thing or because of the Swedish winters. Confused

2018-02-24 00:13 #1 by: Tammie

Make sure that you are drinking enough water. Indoor winter air is very drying. Also, you should not wash your hair every day. It is best to wash it less often. Just before shampooing, try giving your scalp a massage using salt. Rub it around really good so that it works to loosen the flakes from your scalp. 

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2018-02-24 07:33 #2 by: Tealover

Some say that a vineger rinse after wash helps

2018-02-24 07:35 #3 by: Niklas

I have read that rinsing the hair and scalp with apple cider vinegar is a classical household remedy for getting rid of dandruff.


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