How to prepare for disaster

2017-11-13 19:06 #0 by: Niklas

Urban Survival Site has a list of things to do to prepare in case disaster strikes. The tips cover financials crises, natural disasters and war.

  1. Get out of debt

  2. Build an emergency fund

  3. Get a bug out bag

  4. Store some water

  5. Learn to garden

  6. Gather important documents

  7. Learn first aid

  8. Create a survival library

  9. Research your area

  10. Plan your evacuation route

  11. Refill your gas tank when it’s half empty

  12. Conduct disaster drills

  13. Add to your food cache every week

  14. Visit your neighbors

  15. Buy used supplies

  16. Don’t tell people about your plans

  17. Start exercising

  18. Learn to purify water

  19. Put a 72-hour kit in your car

  20. Store some powerless entertainment

  21. Get ready for cold weather

  22. Rotate your food

  23. Store foods you like

  24. Learn more survival skills

  25. Go camping with friends/family

  26. Get some good multipurpose tools.

  27. Learn how to hunt and fish

  28. Don’t be wasteful.

  29. Learn to cook without power

  30. Relax

Read the whole article at Urban Survival Site:

30 Beginner Survival Tips Every Prepper Should Know

Yosh Ginsu

2017-11-14 09:20 #1 by: Emo


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