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How to use stairs for hidden storage

2017-09-12 12:49 #0 by: Niklas

The other day I posted a storage suggestion for when you build a staircase. Here is another example. This too is from my brother's house. Also note the very nice lighting solution.

2017-09-12 12:52 #1 by: vendelay

Wow! I'm so impressed by your brother!

2017-09-12 12:59 #2 by: Niklas

Yes, he's incredibly talented. :-)

2017-09-12 18:16 #3 by: vendelay

Did he make the drawings and the construction himself too?

2017-09-12 19:11 #4 by: Niklas

Yes, all of it.

2017-09-12 20:54 #5 by: vendelay

That's incredible! Tell him I want to hire him when I'm rich enough Laughing

2017-09-13 06:10 #6 by: Niklas



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