2017-08-16 07:55 #0 by: Niklas

It's easy to start your own community, just like this one, at Savvity. It won't cost you anything. You can pick your own name, header image and color scheme to make it yours.

Here are some of the features Savvity has to offer:

  • Discussion forum with poll, survey, top list, slide show, dictionary and scheduled publication functionality.

  • Automated moderating system with lots of possibilities to tailor it to your needs. You will appreciate it when your community grows.

  • Messaging system.

  • Article repository.

  • Several access levels. You can have hidden invitation only discussion groups.

  • One membership in Savvity gives access to all network communities. That makes it easy to cross pollinate communities within the network.

  • Search engine optimized. Google loves Savvity.

  • Two community types. Private (not advertised) and official (shown in lists all over the network).

Starting a community is easy. You can be up and running in minutes. Just follow the link below: