2017-06-08 10:27 #0 by: Niklas

A Solid State Disk work in a completely different way than hard drives. That means you can't erase the data on them the same way either. No strong magnet, no drilling holes through them and no sledge hammer blow will erase the data from an SSD.

The easiest way for the average computer user to secure a Solid State Disk is to encrypt the whole drive and forget the encryption key. macOS has FileVault and Windows has BitLocker for encrypting drives. Also, there's often encryption software on the SSD manufacturer's websites.

Another way to handle sensitive data on an old SSD is to use it for some other purpose so you still have it in your possession. You can put it in an enclosure and use it as an external backup drive.

If your SSD is broken so you cant encrypt or repurpose it, your best hope may be to shred it. That, however, is more complicated since those shredders are very expensive.