2017-06-04 14:30 #0 by: Niklas

I will try to give you the bare minimum of search engine optimization (SEO) you need to successfully write for the web.

Headlines are most important to SEO

First, don’t publish a post if you are not going to give it the best headline you can. It will not be ranked high enough by Google, or be read by anyone else.

Write your post first and a proper headline last, when you know what your text is about. The headline should describe the post.

Make sure that your headline:

  1. Has at least one word that relates to your texts topic.

  2. Is a complete sentence. Not like this one.

  3. Does contain maximum one ? or !.

Good headlines can be:

  • A question

  • A suggestion

  • A statement

  • Personal

The rest of your text matter too

Here are some things to consider when writing:

  • Be clear. Write as if the user has very little prior knowledge of the subject.

  • Bolden important words or phrases.

  • Use sub-headlines to describe different parts of your text.

  • Create links to sources and make sure the link text describe where the link leads. This link is not a good link text.

In the long run you will gain a lot by taking a bit of extra care when you write for the web.