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2021-02-08, 16:09

How do I quiet a noisy bike trainer?

I have an Elite Qubo Fluid Turbo Trainer for my road bike so I can train at home. I use it to keep stay fit during the winter, since it’s not possible to ride my road bike out in the snow or rain. I like to ride a few times a week for 20-45 min in the afternoons. I’ve had it for many years and never had any complaints from my neighbors. However, a neighbor knocked on the door the other day very angry about the noise levels. I wouldn’t say it’s super loud. It’s not any louder than our washing machine. I’m guessing it’s the vibrations from the bike that is carrying. And he is probably in the studying room right below the bike. We have a trainer mat under it and a rug but that seems to not be enough. Any ideas on how to make it quieter?

2021-02-09, 09:18

How thick is the trainer mat? Perhaps you could put a layer or two of styrofoam under the mat. They are cheap enough to try and it won’t break you if it doesn’t go all the way. One that is 600x120x3 centimeters cost just 18 SEK at Byggmax. Normally you use them to insulate buildings.

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Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2021-02-09, 09:30

It’s as thick as a yoga mat. That’s a good idea, thanks.

2021-02-09, 09:51

Okay, I think a yoga mat doesn’t do much more than stop the bike from skidding on the floor. 🙂 Styrofoam is available in several thicknesses up to 10 centimeters and you can layer them like sandwiches if needed. Ask the neighbor to Help you evaluate the noise level when you have isolated the bike. Then he will be part of the solution.

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2021-02-09, 10:20
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